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This AI makes VFX for Marketing ridiculously easy

Big title, I know. But def worth it!

Hello there, AILG brothers and sisters!

Today, we're here to shine a spotlight on a trailblazing new AI tool -

Wonder Studio.

This incredible new platform, launched by Wonder Dynamics, automatically animates, lights, and composes CG characters into any live-action scene. You can now forget about expensive production hardware, complex 3D software, and time-consuming MoCap. All of this is made possible right in your browser!

(really that good)

Check out it here: wonderdynamics.com

See how it works

I recommend you watch from 9:30 to 10:30 in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ih1a5MUoShc&

And, honestly, if you can, watch this entire video (I really like that guy): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zk3zySeJP_c

Also, I made a 15s video with it yesterday. Note that:

  1. The original video was poorly lit af

  2. I really liked the results, but got a bit worried with all those shadows

  3. It didn't understand my palms were facing up, not down, by the ˜10s mark. Damn.

See it for yourself here:

I know I made it look bad, but the thing about Wonder Studio's simplicity is that it's an ideal platform for both seasoned VFX artists and marketing teams alike. With the ability to automate 80%-90% of 'objective' VFX work, it leaves the more 'subjective', creative work in your hands. This tool can fit seamlessly into your existing pipeline and make the process of producing impressive visuals a breeze 😌 .

What about the pricing?

I'm not gonna lie, it's expensive. $19/month for just 250s of processed video really limits what you can do, so bear it in mind for now. They say they are going to allow for buying more processing hours soon, and I think that's neat. But, let's see.


It's undeniable: it's a very nice tool and that works pretty well. But, at this price, right now, I would only use it as ads creative for some tests. The $20 might be a no-go for some, and I totally understand.

I would definitely keep it in a bucket list of “check again in 90 days”.

Or, you can just stay tuned cause we will definitely cover it again in the future 🙂 

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