The AILG Manifesto

AKA, What AILG is actually about (beyond just the trend)

Hello, there. Today I wanted to step away from our regular content and do some "PSA" because we've just crossed over 1.000 subscribers (date: 27/08/2023). Given that this newsletter just graduated from:

  • Super niche thing


  • Still pretty niche thing

I felt like I had to talk about some of the pillars that AILG stands by.

Shall we? it will only take 1min

AILG is about

  1. Automation Maximizing. Leveraging AI whenever you can, multiplying your output and finding scalability faster.

  2. Tools Mastery. Embracing that you will either have to control AI, or it will run you through.

  3. Stronger Authenticity. Never again starting from a blank page + having the tools to express yourself easier and faster in any medium = 🔥 


AILG is not about

  1. Hacks. Today's shortcuts are tomorrow's relics. AI hacks leads now. They won't lead tomorrow.

  2. Clinging to Tradition: AI-led growth isn't a silver bullet that fits every business. It's a tailored approach that must align with specific business needs, goals, and customer dynamics.

  3. Fully Replacing the Human Element: AI assists, not replaces. Human touch remains for we sell to humans, in the end.

In short, AILG is: A vision of growth where innovation is embraced, authenticity is amplified, and output is multiplied. This is a path forward, not a fleeting trend.

That's the post. That's the movement. What do you think?

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