Midjourney Permutations 1-Min Masterclass

Includes heroic cat-dogs

Lesson 01: The very basics

Permutations. On midjourney, you can get them by using {x, y}. Everything is better with examples, so let me show you:

a hero {cat, dog}

it will generate two results at the same time, just per-mutating the content. Look:

Lesson 02: Multiplication

This is also possible:

a hero {cat, dog} with {glasses, a halo}

This will generate 4 variations:

  • cat + glasses

  • dog + glasses

  • cat + halo

  • dog + halo

Lesson 03: You can permutate anything

You can permutate parameters, and even weights. So, for example:

heroic cat::{1,2}-dog::{1,2} flying --s {100, 300}

This would flood the space here, so let's just show you this result:

heroic cat::2-dog::1 flying --s 100

Lesson 04 (final lesson): How to write literal commas, so you can permutate things with commas

For example:

a cat {living in a house\, bathing in the sun, living on the streets\, cold in the rain}

This will generate only TWO variations:

  • a cat living in a house, bathing in the sun

  • a cat living on the streets, cold in the rain

That's it!

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