Hubspot's Report on AI Trends for Marketers

How *exactly* AI is Changing Marketing

Hey, there! I've gotten this report from Hubspot that I'll share with you here. No sign-ups, no payment, no gimmicks. Just click and follow along 🙃 

Below I'll just give it my 2-min summary. Above you can click on it and take 20min reading it if you feel like it.

The top four uses of generative AI among marketers:

AILG take: creating content is so unbelievably high. Like, 1 out fo 2 times any marketer opens an AI tool, it is to create content. Interesting. The conduction of research being just 32% is still pretty high too, but shows that things like good ol’ Google won't go away anytime soon.

What types of AI marketing apps are marketers using?

AILG take: Makes me sad to see such terrible tools being used as examples here. Jasper is like a worse ChatGPT, for God's sake. If you want really nice AI tools, check our Definitive AI Tools List for Growth (frequently updated)

Sobering fact:

96% of the time ai content is not complete on its own. Get used to it. It's ok. Embrace it so you can get better results.

Best practices for editing AI-generated content:

I know I heavily summarized the report, but - truly - go check it out because it has a lot of nice things there that I didn't include here.

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